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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 Years and 2 Months Old

Howdy y'all,
Moin Moin,
y'allright me ducks!

To all my Longhorn friends in Texas - I hooked 'em with my halloween face! To everyone else on this planet - who said that spiderman has to have a red face? Many thanks to Miss Cat, my teacher, for painting my face exactly how I wanted it - she had a face painting tent at the 'Boo Fest' that we went to. There was a train ride, pony rides and scary stuff. I also met an artist that made the pictures of one of my favourite books - Little Mike and Maddie's First Motorcycle Ride, my Dad bought that for me when he rode out on a road trip to Sturgess 2 years ago. Jay also did the pictures for the new book called Little Mike and Maddie's Christmas Book and he even signed it for me. I also bought one for my best friend Remi for christmas - but dont' tell him!

I absolutely love halloween - I get to stay up late, scare people and get enough candy, sweets and suessigkeiten to last a lifetime. I was the Incredible Hulk this year and growled 'Trick or Treat' until I couldn't talk any more (much to Mum's delight!). I even said a really scary 'Thank You' once I got the treats. I got a lot of chocolate this year. I don't like chocolate but it came in handy keeping Mum sweet. She gets all soppy when she sees me sharing - but in truth I was just getting the chocolate out of my halloween bag to make room for real candy. Miss Cat had a halloween party which would have been great if the grown-ups hadn't been invited too. Dad had that rat coming out of his head again and Mum had a dress made out of bandages and she kept telling everyone that she was "Carl's Mummy". She said that was a really funny joke but I didn't see many people laughing!

So what else was going on? Remi and I met Thomas the Tank Engine in person! I've seen the movies and read the books but who'd have thought that he'd manage to get off the island and make it all the way to Texas! Sir Topham Hat didn't look too happy about it though..

As I mentioned in my last blog, my Uncle Commi, Aunty Kathrin and Cousin Basti came to visit which was really great. It's so refreshing to having new people to talk to who actually listen to me and it also gave me a chance to expand my German Wortschatz (this means the number of words I know). We had a great week of swimming and playing pool and I think they enjoyed themselves. Kathrin is just like Omi though - she spent most of her vacation in the kitchen! Mum didn't try all that hard to get her out of there though and I certainly didn't complain. She can really cook!

The last of our Carl and Me, toys arrived last week, the neighbours are getting used to seeing 18 wheelers lined up outside! The Janoschik animal ride-on and rocking toys finally arrived. I'm too big for them now but I can see how they'd be a hit with little kids. Mum said they are more like works of art than toys, but I just think they're cute! Dad did a great job of finding new toys for the holidays, but he's really clever anyway - he can ride the golf cart and drink beer at the same time!

Christmas is almost here and you know my parents are going to go crazy again. Since we moved, we have more room for decorations so it's probably going to be even more embarrassing than it was last year. It's ok though, my friends don't know where I live - yet....

Here's the latest slideshow or click on this link to see the pictures.

See you all soon!
Hugs and Kisses

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