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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 Years And 8 Months

Howdy y'all, Hallo,Moin Moin,y'allright me ducks!

I know what you're thinking - he's finally had enough! Looks like he packed a case, grabbed some jelly bears and he's out of there! Not exactly - my case is full of sun cream, sunglasses and flip-flops and I've got my boarding pass in my back pocket - destination Disney World, Florida. It's been almost a year since I saw my mate Mickey, so I knew he was probably missing me. Mum had some work to do in Florida so I graciously offered to keep Dad entertained during the day. We had a 4 day ticket for the parks and one water park. We managed to see most of everything and some things even twice. I was a little worried about overwhelming Dad with all the fun but I was comforted by some wise words from some other kids - 'he'll sleep well tonight'. Mum joined us at the weekends and believe me it's not easy taking care of both of them. The 'It's a Small World' fiasco for instance. This boat ride takes you through a typical scene of many different countries, beautifully portraying their cultures, costumes and traditions. Last year, we pulled out our camera, eager to capture these scenes only to find that the battery was dead. Of course the spare was fully charged and ready to go but unfortunately it was also back at the hotel. So this year we were fully prepared. We boarded the boat, joyfully positioned the camera and successfully shot 4 pictures before the battery died on us. But never mind, the spare was fully charged and ready to go and also back at the hotel! The joys of having parents...
I got all caught up with Mickey and my other mates in Florida and even managed to watch a couple of films (or as Mickey says, take in a movie or two). I don't think films are very good for your eyes though because they give you some special glasses when you walk in. It must be to protect your eyes from the stuff flying towards you - in the muppet film for example, there were some bees buzzing right in front of me. Now that I think about it, that's probably why my Dad called it a 3-bee movie. I tried to grab the bees but couldn't catch them for some reason....
We also visited EPCOT for the first time which was just fantastic. Me and Mum went 'soaring' which was just like hang gliding. We flew over canyons and snow filled valleys and Tinker Bell gave us a birds eye view of Disney World at night. The only thing that Dad really wanted to see was "Ellen's Energy Adventure", a movie/ride that has Ellen Degeneres explaining the past, present and future of energy resources and at one point even takes you through a forest full of Dinosaurs. Dad waited all day to go on this ride and after asking 'can we go in now' for the 100th time, we finally gave in. His little legs ran ahead to the strangely empty waiting line only to hear that the ride was closed. You'll never guess why.... 'Ellen's Energy Adventure' was closed due to a power failure! Priceless! I laughed so hard that we had to take a rest. By the time my stomach had stopped hurting from all the laughing, the ride was open again and Dad got to go on the ride after all.

All in all, it was a magical week, I just hope they'll remember some of it when they grow up....

Last weekend was pretty cool too. We went to Houston for the weekend to the Lone Star Rally, an annual party for Texas Classic Car Clubs. Why do I hang out with antiques? Well it's not any different than hanging out with my parents and I also get to stay up late, swim in the hotel pool and the most important thing of all, I get a free pass to ride my Chevy inside the hotel. If I got a Dollar for every picture taken of me in my pedal car, I'd have my retirement home in Florida by now.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day here in America which I think is a really strange idea. If you ask me, Mum should be grateful every day that she gets to be my Mum, not just once a year. I mean really, what will they come up with next - Dad's day? I don't think so - Dad helped me clean my Harley so I know he's grateful.

So that was May. Click on the slide show or right here to see the pictures. I've added quite a few Disney pics taken on the rare occasions we actually did have a fully functioning camera.

See you all next month,
Hugs and Kisses