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Monday, November 2, 2009

4 Years and 1 Month Old

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks!

What a month! I've been rushed off my feet with visitors from Germany and the new European toys arriving! Mum was in California working, came home with the flu and then gave it to me - nice of her, uh?
Because I'm running behind on my blogs (this one was due on the 10th of October) I've decided to make this blog all about our new house and then catch up with everything else on the next one on November 10th.

As you know, Dad takes care of me and runs our toy store, Carl & Me. Well I'm really easy to take care of and I do most of the work on the toy store so he was looking for something to do with all that spare time on his hands. He found it - mowing 5 acres of lawn! I know my parents were talking about looking for a little bit of land but I thought they were talking about a vegetable garden, not Central Park! It seems like a waste of time to me because as soon as he's done mowing, the bit he did first needs mowing again. Ah well, whatever makes him happy.

The house is pretty cool though. There is a detached game room that I let my Dad share with me. It has a bar, a TV and pool table and it comes in handy when I need some time out (or get put in time out). There is a pool with a bath house and a fish pond all surrounded by pecan trees and bananas - anybody know of any recipes? A nice patio with a bar and fireplace for when I want to write my blog outside and our Chevy has it's own garage somewhere out back. The coolest thing though has to be the party barn. It is a covered area with ceiling fans, music and a seating and I'm pretty sure we'll be having birthday parties and Chevy Club meet ups there pretty soon.
The house itself is OK I guess - I just wanted a game room and somewhere to sleep, so I'm fine.

Take a look at the the slideshow or click on this link to see the pictures.

I'll be back in a couple of days to let you all know what I've been up to and how my halloween went.

Hugs and Kisses

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