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Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 Years And 7 Months Old

Howdy y'all, Hallo,Moin Moin,y'allright me ducks!

Motorbikes were flying, snickers were frying, pigs ran races, cow dung on faces - the Rodeo was back in town! If you think that the circus is the greatest show on earth then you've obviously never been to a rodeo. Foot long corn dogs, a fairground, bouncy castles, stunt riders, pig races, pony rides, bull riding and some of the best live music the country scene has to offer. Add 30 °C. temperatures in March, lemonade, tractors, cowboys, good old Texan hospitality and you've got yourself heaven on earth y'all.

Everything else this month was about keeping the parents happy, for example taking a wine tour with the Chevy club. It took my parents 11 hours to visit 6 different wineries before literally falling into bed exhausted from a day of driving around in a classic car without air conditioning. I know I'm almost 4 years old but I don't understand the concept of this. Our local supermarket has 5 different types of apple juice. It takes me 15 minutes to get there and back and I can drink it without somebody asking me if I can identify the exact tree that the apple fell from and what the apple was thinking before it was crushed to a pulp. And when I'm done drinking apple juice, I still have enough energy to eat a pizza.

Then my Mum decided that I was enjoying the afore mentioned apple juice way too much and decided it was time to introduce me to Dr. Jenny - our local dentist. She was kind of nice but I don't trust her. She may have made me laugh, let me watch films and given me a new toothbrush but she told my Mum that I had been born with one tooth missing and I swear that wasn't my fault - I don't know what happend to that tooth. I just have a strange feeling that Dr. Jenny will be trouble in the long run....

My Dad's keeping me busy. Not only did he make me clean up the warehouse, he also chewed my ear off about my duties as VP of Product Testing. So to keep him quiet, I started a new blog called Outside The Box - A sneaky idea really because Dad has to let me open a new box every week so that I can write about what's inside. This job is not too boring because usually I never get to open any boxes and now we have a new web site called Exceptional Toys USA which means that we are the only company in the USA who are allowed to sell the manufacturer's toys. So in some cases, I'm the first to play with a toy that has never been seen by anyone else in the USA - not totally uncool!

As you all know, I write this blog on the 10th of every month which is my birthday. The 10th of April is a little bit different because it's my Mum's birthday too so I get to open her presents and eat her cake - kind of like a trial run for my birthday. I'm just so glad I'm not as old as her though. She won't admit it but if you ask me, she's not celebrating her 10th birthday for the first time this year.

It's also Easter time and I do like to go out and search for eggs full of goodies. I'm not one for complaining but what's going on with the easter bunny? I'm seriously considering writing to Santa to ask him if he knows if rabbits can lay eggs. I don't think so!.

As you can see, there was lots going on again this month - I really wish the parents would take time out for a nap every now and again, I'm exhausted.
Here are the April pictures and a couple of new videos I managed to squeeze in to my schedule.

See you all next month,
Hugs and Kisses