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Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 Years Old

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks!

It's official, I'm no longer a baby! Mum said there may come a time when I'm older when I will need help eating solid foods again, may have to wear a diaper and need longs naps just to get me through til 7pm so I'm determined to make the most of the couple of years I've got left until that happens.

Did anyone miss my blog this month? I know it's really overdue but my life has been crazy since my last posting. First off, we moved house. Looking back, I totally misunderstood the concept. I just assumed that a truck would come by, pick up the house and 'move' it to a new spot. As it turns out, I had to pack up everthing I owned and move it all to a totally different house. It wasn't too much of an effort on my part but it took my parents forever to get their act together. They were packing a week before and 2 weeks after the move and the funny thing is - the new place looks just like the old place! Grown ups are strange sometimes. I'll post some pictures of the new place next month once all the boxes are unpacked.

My 4th birthday was great and I got everything on my wish list. In fact, I got more than I'd hoped for because we had a party the weekend after at our new house and everyone brought presents. It was really supposed to be a combined birthday party/house warming party and we also celebrated 3 years of living in America but I wasn't about to give the presents back - that would just be impolite. All in all there were 30 kids and about 40 grown-ups even though the party was rained out. It never rains in Texas but on that weekend it rained 48 hours solid, it never let up for a second. I know, I know, Texas needs the rain, it's good for the grass, blah, blah, blah but all I know is that the bouncy castles got cancelled and we were all stuck in doors. The grown ups didn't seem to mind the rain too much which could have had something to do with the fabulous smoked brisket and sausage that Jon and CJ made and possibly the margarita machine that Mum rented for the weekend.

A funny thing happened on the way to the party. Me and Mum handed out invites to all our new neighbors and found out that one of them also comes from England. She has a daughter that lives 3 miles from us and is a trained teacher with her own pre-k school. Her name is Miss Cat and sounds just like Mum when she talks. Anyway, she is also a really good face painter and when she saw the rain she came to my house and painted all my friends faces. She's a cool Cat and I'm pleased to say that she is also my new teacher! There are only 3 other kids in her school, all boys - one of the other boys has an English mum and another has a German mum but I'll tell you all about them once I've gotten to know them better.

It's October already so I'm testing out some new toys in time for christmas. There's a gentleman in Georgia that makes his own wooden toys. He sent me some to try out and we may just add a page to Carl & Me just for handmade toys. He's making a rocking horse right now so we'll see how that turns out. I've been trying out Cugolino from Switzerland too. There is a grown up version called Cuboro which lots of people love over here. They are basically wooden blocks with half-holes in them and the challenge is to build a castle and have all the holes lined up so that marbles can run through. It's too much like hard work for me but it keeps the parents quiet for hours.

Testing toys is only my day job of course until my music career takes off. Last weekend I co-starred at Dales Essenhaus in Walburg. The main attraction were great and they even signed a t-shirt for me. One day soon, I'll be signing shirts for them.

That's it for now, click on the slide show presentation or right here to see the pictures. Didn't have much time for videos but there is one of my 'going to school' chants and another one of me trying out a secret language I made up for a whole new direction in country music.

Next month my Aunty Kathrin, Uncle Commi and Cousin Basti are flying in from Germany and then we're heading off to the Texas sea-side for a few days.

See you when I get back!
Hugs and Kisses