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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Years And 6 Months Old

Howdy y'all, Hallo,
Moin Moin,
y'allright me ducks!

I have two words for you all - payback time!
Let me explain - Mum continued to read those bedtime horror stories to me. She introduced a cute little fairy tale called 'Pizza Pan', which stopped being cute the minute Captain Hook arrived with his crocodile issues. The last thing I need before I nod off every night is to think of a deranged pirate chasing a group of lost orphan boys who only have a fairy and flying pixie to protect them. I mean really - don't I have enough to worry about? So to all you kids out there that have had enough, here's what to do:
Step 1: Go through your usual routine. Put your PJ's on, clean your teeth, kiss Dad good night.
Step 2: Let mum do her bedtime story thing.
Step 3: When she leaves the room, call her back in. Make your chin wobble, get teary eyed and say "I'm not scared of the Wolf or Captain Hook, Mum". She'll tell you everything is OK and will kiss and hug you again before leaving. Don't forget to hug her for just a little bit longer than you would normally.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 till your Mum goes crazy! Ah, revenge is sweet...

Did I have fun this month? Well, almost - the Austin Kite Festival could have been fun. BUT, we drove downtown, queued for the shuttle bus for over an hour, the bus was full of screaming kids and took another hour to drive to the park that we could have walked to in 30 minutes. We and the other 20,000 visitors could still have had a good time flying our kites - if only there had been some wind. We made the effort though and my mate Remi and his parents took us to a local beer garden and after that to Frank & Angie's, a local Pizzeria. The food was so good that my Dad bought a t-shirt. I took a picture of my pizza - as you'll see, it more than compensated for a wasted afternoon.

Our local firestation had a chilli dinner night which is always fun to do. I got dressed up in my fireman t-shirt, slippers and hat in the hope that they would let me get in and look around. It worked! They let me look around the ambulance too and because I had just been in hospital myself, I was able to explain everything in detail to the firefighter who let me in.

Remember my teacher Miss Nancy that left last year to have a baby? Well she's back! I was sad to see Miss Shannon go but I'm really glad to get Miss Nancy back again and not someone new, it's exhausting convincing the new ones that I'm a little angel. Miss Nancy still thinks I'm sweet and a great listener and I'm not about to tell her otherwise.

I've decided to expand the scope of my toy business. I saved up all of my allowance to buy some new inventory for Carl & Me and I will soon be the only person allowed to distribute NIC and Walter Toys in America! Dad's going to be busy for a while because he has to call a few toy shops and ask them if they want to sell wooden toys. There are a total of 1 gazillion toy stores in America, so don't be surprised if our phone lines are busy for a couple of months.

Let me see, what else. Oh yes, Elvis is alive. Dad and me went to a sock hop with the Chevy club a couple of weeks ago and he was hanging out there. I've added a pose to the monthly pictures for the doubters amongst you. My college jacket fits now too, so I can now ride my chevy pedal car in the appropriate attire.

OK, that's about it. For all you social networkers out there, I now have a Facebook page, am listed in Bloglist and Technorati, have rss feeds for my followers and am tweeting on Twitter. For those of you who haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, you'll just have to make do with boring, old fashioned March pictures and this month's video is me singing the theme song from my favourite show 'Wow Wow Wubbzy'. If you've never heard of heard of him, here's the orginal theme song (of course, my version is way better!).

See you all next month,
Hugs and Kisses