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Monday, August 10, 2009

3 Years And 11 Months

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks!

Are you wondering why I look so mad? My parents sold my house, that's why!
I was promised a month of fun because school is out, but to tell you the truth, I'm not having much fun at home. If your mum is constantly cleaning and you have to make your bed every morning and lots of people come to your house every day for weeks on end, then you can be pretty sure that someone else is going to be living in your house soon. Sure enough, empty boxes have started to appear and my stuff is slowly but surely disappearing. My parents keep telling me that we have a new house and that I'll love it there, but I won't be convinced until I get my stuff back.

The worst thing that happened to me this month though was taking my Mum to Chuck E. Cheese. She had what she called a 'Lucky Chucky Day'. Every machine she played hit the jackpot, which is a good thing normally, but she was shouting "I won, I won", was jumping up and down and doing a weird victory dance - Every cute 4 year old girl in the place was staring at me - and not in a good way! I've never been so embarrased in my life! It's like she doesn't even get that she spent $15 to win a $5 toy.

At the begining of the month we drove down to Houston to catch a Freedom Concert - the proceeds help military kids go to school and they put on a great show - Billy Ray Cyrus had an achy breaky heart and Lee Greenwood sang 'Proud to be an American' which made my Mum and Dad a little teary which is weird considering that one is British and the other one is German. As they keep telling me, they weren't born in America but they got here as quick as they could.

We had some of Mum's English relatives visit for a few days. They live in Kansas, Missouri so I guess they were ready for some Texas lifestyle. Aunty Angela and Uncle Andrew and Cousin Russell were great - they played with me and read to me all week without the usual complaints I get from my folks and Russ and I even had a jamming session.

We went to our local German Beer Garden in Walburg twice this month. The first time we went, there was a Polish group playing. I took along my guitar and played so hard that I had a blister on my thumb the next day. My Dad gave me his plectrum (he could have thought of that BEFORE I got my blister) so I was still able to play. The second time we went there, my relatives went with us and the people that helped us find a new house came too. I don't really understand where CJ and Jon Pfau live because they do nothing but buy and sell houses every day. Don't they get confused when they are driving home? How do they remember where to go? Is it worth them even unpacking their boxes if they have to move again the next day? Mum said that they lived up to their promises, found her dream home and delivered Exceptional Realty Services which is the same as what I do I guess - delivering Exceptional Toys For Boys. The Walburg Boys put on a great show and they gave me some more plectrums, they even let me borrow one of their guitar stands when I went on a break.

So that was this month. Click on the slide show presentation or right here to see the pictures. The video highlights this month are my version of Alan Jackson's 'Don't worry 'bout me', 'Going out with my boots on' dance mix, me helping out the Walburg Boys because they were a man short, a perfect rendition of "ABC" and an unplugged jammin session featuring the Kansas Kid, aka Russ.
See you next month and for all those that don't know what comes after 3 Years and 11 Months - I'LL BE 4 YEARS OLD. I'm sending out invites to my party which will be at our new house, if you don't get an invite, it must have gotten lost in the post!

Hugs and Kisses