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Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Years And 5 Months Old

Howdy y'all,
Moin Moin,
Allright me ducks!

I really kept my parents busy this month, but then again, if they had gotten their act together before christmas, they would have had a relaxing month instead. Not my fault, right?

First off was the playscape. Santa did his part and delivered it before christmas but his little elves, aka my Mum and Dad were too busy with the toy store to get it done. Mum tried her old trick of inviting people round for dinner in the hope that they would all pitch in and build it - but they're wising up. CJ and Jon Pfau came over and cooked out-of-this world spaghetti, sausages and meatballs for 16 people that never turned up. Jon got us going with the playscape and the rest was a team effort - Mum sourced materials, Dad built it and I directed and product tested. We had beautiful sunshine, country music on the radio, power tools and a bag of donuts - a perfect weekend! We also had spaghetti and sauce for dinner every day for 2 weeks! The playscape is pretty cool and has a club house for me and my friends to meet and have snacks, swings, rock climbing wall, rope steps slide and a tire swing. It's been up now for 4 weeks and it's still standing - just need the rain and the cold weather to go away now so that I can actually play on it instead of just looking out at it from the living room window.

The next project was my bedroom. When we bought the house, my room had a beige carpet, beige walls, beige ceiling - boring! I told Omi all about it and how I missed the clouds I used to have in our old house. So Omi spoke to Santa and told him what I had to put up with and what kind of room I would like and Santa made it happen. He ordered Mum and Dad to paint my walls light blue and the ceiling dark blue, he sent me a new ceiling fan with planets and space ships on it and a planet earth night light and then the nice guy from UPS brought me a big box with the coolest ever 'glow-in-the-dark' stars, planets, space ships and comets to stick on the ceiling. Hundreds of them - even tiny stars and planet stickers for the doors that you can't see during the day. I thought the room was almost done but then the UPS man came with a box of sheets, pillows and comforters covered in stars and planets - just like the ceiling!
But the best was yet to come. My teacher, Miss Cat, is really good at art so she came over to add the clouds to the sky blue walls. I told her that I also really wanted a rocket ship and a flying saucer and aliens but my Mum told her that that would be too much. So what did Miss Cat do? She painted clouds that looked like a rocket ship and a flying saucer with aliens waving out the window. She even gave the aliens glow-in-the-dark eyes and smiley faces so that I can still see the aliens when the lights are out.
So now I get to go to sleep in the clouds, surrounded by stars and floating in space - this is the coolest room ever and I'm having the sweetest dreams ever. Danke Omi!

I also had a chance to check out Georgetown's Library this month - absolutely exceptional! Great selection of books and DVD's and they even send me an email when it's time to return everything.
The rest of the month was spent socializing. Emily, Ron and Remi stayed over one weekend and we went to a car show. It was absolutely freezing but the cars were hot! My girlfriend Caley came over on Superbowl Sunday, then her Mum and Dad and a few others came over later to watch the game. I'm not too sure who won because we spent most of the evening playing with my Cuboro set. This is a marble run from Switzerland that really makes you think. Each wooden block is different with holes, half-holes or grooves in them. The idea is to build a tower but making sure that all those holes and grooves line up just right so that you can drop a marble in the top and have it come at again at the bottom. It sounds easy but if the marble gets stuck somewhere, you need to figure out why. I added a video to my pictures this month to show you our winning design of the evening.

So here's this month's slideshow and pictures. Also, take a look at my latest 'Country from the back seat' and 'How to dance without a t-shirt' videos.

See you all next month!
Hugs and Kisses