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Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 Years And 9 Months Old

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks!

Summer's here at last! I love summer in Texas because the only thing you can do outside is swim - it's too hot to do anything else. In fact some days are so hot that you're lucky to even survive the trip from the backdoor to the pool. I popped into Osh Kosh to get the latest pool outfit, picked up some matching shades and I'm ready to surf the waves. Of course the only waves we have in our pool is when Mum jumps in the water but they're good for a 10 minute ride at least, depending on what she ate for lunch.
The only downside to summer is that we get some pretty bad storms coming through every now and again. Last week we had frozen golf balls hit our house which broke some windows and smashed the skylights and winds so strong that a tree fell over in the garden and we lost our flag pole - the 2nd one since we've been here. The car and the barbie are full of dents too. These storms are pretty cool to watch but they're really, really loud.

This month was not the most exciting month I've ever had. I had to take a couple of days out from school because my eyes were pink, turned out to be allergies though. This piece of news may be useful once I have to go to Kindergarten, I just need to figure out how to make my eyes pink again. I have another new teacher because Miss Nancy has taken the summer off. Her name is Miss Marie and I think she's already impressed with me because she told my Mum I was a good talker. I'm glad she likes my voice though because Mum keeps saying I don't stop talking from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed and keeps telling me to give it a rest. Parents are strange like that, they spend days and months teaching you how to talk and walk and as soon as you get the hang of it, they tell you to keep quiet and sit down. Same thing with food. Mum takes cold food, heats it to death in the Microwave and then tells me I can't eat it till it's cooled down. And what are underpants for exactly? I have to wear them at home where no one can see them and when I leave the house no one see's them either because they're under my trousers.

I took some more sports classes at the YMCA - T-Ball, Soccer and Basketball, I even managed to convince my Dad to buy me a new outfit, shoes, bat and t-ball stand so I can practice in the garden. Like I said, it's summer so I may not get to play in the garden again till November.

I've been really lazy with my toy blog this month - Outside The Box. I did manage to squeeze in a review about the Baufix toys though which turned out to be a great way to keep my parents quiet but I'm still trying to decide which box to open next. I might try out our new Varis construction sets in between dips in the pool and annoying my parents but both tasks are pretty time consuming.

Did I ever tell you that we have German Biergarten near to where we live? It's actually pretty cool - bratwurst, sauerkraut and schnitzels with live music at the weekends. I took my mate Remi there a couple of weeks ago and he was just amazed. He's never seen wine cooling in a plastic beer stein before or grown men in leather shorts and has certainly never yodelled whilst doing the chicken dance - I think he's a bit jealous that I'm half German.

So that was this month. Click on the slide show presentation or right here to see the pictures. I've uploaded some videos this month too because I'm teaching Mum how to speak German and also helping her to loose that weird British accent she's got going on. My latest collection of dance moves are also included for those of you who need a little help in that department.

Hugs and Kisses