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Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 Years and 3 Months old

Howdy y'all,
Hallo,Moin Moin,
y'allright me ducks!

Remember this time last year? I wrote in my blog that my parents are christmas crazy and really embarrasing - well nothing has changed. More silly christmas hats and blowups and you just know that Dad had to go all out on the garden lights again. He sold all the old lights and bought in LED ones. All of our lights, decorations and inflatables had to be up and running by the first advent which was the sunday after thanksgiving, so my parents had the briliant idea of inviting friends over for thanksgiving dinner. We enjoyed a Barbeque Turkey in true Texas style and then we sent them out to the garden, pumpkin pie in one hand and strings of lights in the other. I bet they'll turn down the invitation next year.

As you all can imagine, I've been crazy busy with Carl & Me this month but me and Dad managed to to get everyone's toys out in time for christmas. After being global for 2 years, we went local this year too. For those of you that have not visited me yet, Georgetown has a beautiful old town square, with a court house in the middle and shops all around. My toys are now in a little gift store called 'His & Her Treasures' and I love having a place to show off my toys.

Talking of Georgetown, I love living here! We have great neighbours and friends and I LOVE school. At the beginning of December, there was a party downtown and then all the christmas lights were turned on in the square. They even had really happy, smiley faced people singing songs that Mum calls Carols - Well Carol can keep them, I'll stick to country music I think.
Our Chevy was part of the downtown Christmas parade and I got to put on my christmas hat and shout into the microphone that Dad put in the Chevy. I wished everyone a merry christmas and warned the kids to stay good and not to get Santa mad. They set up a Bethlehem town and a Hooville and even Santa came by on his Harley! I didn't see Rudolf anywhere but I don't think he could have been very happy about being replaced by a motorcycle, even if it was a Harley.

For most of this month I've been trying my best to keep off of Santa's naughty list. It has proven to be quite a challenge but I did spend some time baking cookies and mince pies and helping around the house. I think I'm pretty safe though because I went down to our local Blue Santa and donated some of the handmade toys that we have. They needed toys for 2000 children - even I don't have that many toys but I think I gave them enough for 25 children.

My Uncle Andy, Aunty Angela and Cousin Russ are coming from Missouri for christmas. I've been practising my guitar all year and can't wait to show Russ some of the new stuff I've been working on.

So that's it for now, I need to dash because I still have to make some cookies for Santa and peel some carrots for the reindeers. Here's this months slideshow or click on this link to see the pictures. I've added a couple of christmas melodies this time and of course it would not be christmas without our traditional Soeffker Family Christmas Video!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
Frohe Weihnachten und Guten Rutsch an Euch alle!

Hugs and Kisses