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Sunday, May 2, 2010

4 Years And 7 Months

Moin Moin,
Allright me ducks!

There was TOO much going on this month, I wish my parents would learn to spread activities evenly throughout the year, I'm either totally bored or so busy that I still have my soccer shorts on during swim class.

The Rodeo was back in town, YEHAAW!. I love everything about the Rodeo - foot long corn dogs, the racing pigs, lemonade, live music and the fairgrounds. I went on some rides that were too scary for my parents and this year I was allowed to have cotton candy (candy floss in England, Zuckerwatte in Germany) which I LOVED. What's not to love, it's sugar right?
Talking of sugar, Easter came and went too. I'm sure at some stage of my life someone will explain Easter to me, but I'm getting the feelng that my Mum has too many holidays. I don't like chocolate so everthing I get on Halloween and Easter goes direclty to her. Plus her Birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day... What could she have possibly done to earn all of this?
Our local egg hunt was as usual - giant bunnies and plastic eggs hidden in the grass. Most of the eggs were full of chocolate (which, as I mentioned, I gave to my Mum) but Miss Cat's Mum, Christine, had an egg hunt too and she even had eggs with money in it! So I was at least able to buy some of the candy I wanted for a change. I also got presents from Miss Cat and Christine let me drive her jeep.

A few days later it was one of Mum's many holidays - her birthday. She asked for a picnic in our garden and it turned out to be pretty cool. My Mum didn't get any chocolate but seemed really happy with the Margarita Machine she rented. We all hung out at our party barn and even had some nice people that played live music for us. The Chevy Club came by on their way back from the Blue Bonnet Festival so we had all of their cool cars parked in our garden. We had fried chicken, cucumber sandwiches, cheese and ham sandwiches and lots of salads and desserts. The weather was fantastic and we had lots of games in the garden that I thought would be boring because they didn't need batteries, games like boule, croquet, horse shoe throw and bean bag toss but they turned out to be good fun considering. Mum said it was a perfect day which is great because it'll be a while before she gets chocolate again.

Then it was time for soccer league. I was really looking forward to this. My first grown up, professionally coached team sport. I would lie awake at night thinking 'will my coach be cool?' and 'what will our team be called?'. I anxiously awaited parent's night at the community center where I would get my schedule for the season and the answer to all my questions and finally the day came. My heart sank to my soccer boots when I heard the news - so many kids signed up this year that they ran out of color names and coaches. We were to be called the 'Daisies' and to make matters worse, my Mum volunteered to be our coach! She thinks that coming from England somehow qualifies her but I saw her googling the rules later that day.
So now I have to wear a bright yellow t-shirt and keep getting sent off the field during games for no reason. When I asked Mum why she keeps sending me off, she just says 'because I can'.
It's going to be a long season!

The best thing this month though was that I got to ride Duke, Miss Cat's horse. It's not as easy as I thought and it's hard work to get him warmed up, brushed and saddled up. He's much bigger than he looks from the ground looking up too but I wasn't scared and really enjoyed the view.

I start Red Cross swim class soon too, but I'll let you know how that goes next month if the parents give me enough time to even write the blog. It's almost Summer and getting hotter by the day so next time I'll post new pictures of the garden and share upcoming pool parties - I think I need a personal assistant!

So here's this month's slideshow and pictures. This month's videos include a preview of my latest cowboy outfit collection, cup-cake creations, driving lessons for pre-schoolers and the trailer of my new movie - Tarzan, King Of The Jungle Jim.

See you all next month!
Hugs and Kisses

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