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Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 Years and 2 Months Old

Howdy y'all,
Moin Moin
and y'allright
me ducks!

Halloween? All trick and no treat if you ask me. They promised me a really scary face - a jump-out-of-your-skin scary face -and they gave me a cutsie, sweet little pumpkin face instead!
My Dad had a rat coming out of his skull and bloody scars in his face - I got a girlie velvet spider suit with velcro gloves.
I remember being scared last year but this year was a teddy bear's picnic in comparison.
I did go 'trick or treating' for the first time this year which I thought was weird - I had to ring people's doorbells, scare them half to death by screaming in their faces and they rewarded me with candies. The thing is, Mum had already bought a sack load of candy for halloween, so didn't we have enough already?
Omi from Germany was here for 2 weeks which was great. It took me a few days to train her, but she was pretty good at building helicopters and cars by the time she left. The first day she got here, I gave her my City Rescue Set to play with, it kept her quiet for hours. In the end, I had to show her how to put it all together, it was getting painful to watch.
We took a few rides out in the Chevy while she was here and she went to the pumpkin patch festival with us.
I don't think Omi has a kitchen though back in Germany because she was in ours all the time - Mum said she is welcome to it and always has a big smile on her face every time she opens the freezer.

We did lots of Chevy stuff again this month - Kars & Kids is a classic show to help the Texas School for the Deaf and we also did a 100 mile drive to raise money for the Dell's Children's Medical Center.

The big news this month is that our shipment of Fagus Wooden Toys finally arrived from Germany, just in time for the holidays. We also bought lots of new NIC Wooden Toys so I'll have lots to do with product testing between now and Christmas, but I'll try and find time to blog again next month.
Take a look at November's pictures and I've added a video from my new DVD coming out in the spring called 'Songs from the back seat of our car'.

Hugs and Kisses


Anonymous said...

love the song carl

nana said...

boy you were sarey!!!