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Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Years And 9 Months

Moin Moin,
Allright me ducks!

What happened to the "4 Years and 8 Months" blog you ask? Well, there are just not enough hours in the day and my blog got pushed to the bottom of my 'to-do' list. If you had the choice between relaxing in the pool with a classic frozen apple-rita or spending a couple of hours writing about what you'd rather be doing, which one would you pick?

So this will be a mega blog in an effort to catch up - here goes!
To kick things off, my best friend Remi turned 5 and had two birthday events which I thought was pretty clever of him. The first one was a dinner with family and friends - and presents. The second party was a ride on a steam train with family and friends - and presents. Mmmm, I think I may have an idea about how to celebrate my birthday in September. No details yet, but buy lots of presents just in case.
It was a great day spent in something called a Caboose which used to be where the brake guard sits. I thought the best part was that wherever we went, the traffic had to stop for us and wait until we crossed the road.

Then my folks suprised me with something I'd never seen before - Disney on Ice. What a 'Cool' show (get it?). Still don't know how they managed to drive Lightning McQueen on ice but it was impressive. Lion King and Ariel were all there too - I wasn't too worried about Tinkerbell though, she can fly.

As you all know by now, we LOVE living in Georgetown. Once a year, we celebrate our 'Poppy Festival' and then this small community turns into a party animal. A mega stage in the square, top live bands, bring your own chairs and apple juice and you're good to go. The only thing that didn't play ball was the Texas weather. The first band set everything up, did the sound check and the minute they tried to sing, the heavens opened - and I mean a Texas sized storm. Dad chickened out pretty early and ran for shelter but me and Mum stayed put in our camping chairs until the lightening strikes got too close for comfort. The storm passed, the temperature changed back to 30+ Celcius and the next band was ready to play - and what a band they turned out to be! They are called 'Rotel and The Hot Tomatoes' - Mum said they were singing 60's ,70's, 80's and 90's music but I don't know why they would need different music for different temperatures. Anyway, they had REALLY big hair (I've seen some pictures of Mum with hair like this by the way) which made me and Mum laugh so hard that we cried. What a great night, can't wait to see this band again - check them out right here.

One of the coolest events of this month though was the Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention in San Antonio. All of the Texas clubs get together once a year, a different club plays host and then we all get to hang out, talk classic cars and pick out our favourite rides. As always, I took my '55 pedal car and guess what! I won the Dallas Club Favorite Tri-5 Chevy Award. Tri what you're asking? Well it means cars produced in 1955, 56 and 57. So now I'm giving out 'Tri-Fives' instead of 'High-Fives'. They gave me a cool plaque and posted my story on their website - go take a look when you have tri-five minutes:

I would proudly like to anounce a new addition to the family. Dad wanted a 1961 Corvette, Mum wanted me to have a baby brother, I wanted my own Great Dane Puppy so we all made comprises and got a...... FISH! His name is Dory, he's a Betta Fish and likes being in his own aquarium without any fuss. I take care of him which is not easy because even though I feed him twice a day, he doesn't seem interested in going for walks or doing any kind of tricks. I'll keep at it though, Mum did say that it wasn't easy taking on the responsibility of a pet.

I would like to say a big 'HALLO' to Georg and Corinna, friends that dropped in for a visit during their trip around San Fransisco before heading back to good old Germany. Finally, we had visitors that wanted to play with my construction toys as much as I did - in fact, they loved them so much that one day I had to get up off the floor and leave them to it. I love my toys but I need to eat every now and again.

THE biggest thing that happened this month though was my new bed. My old bed had been with me since Day 1 but when you keep banging your head and stubbing your toe on the boards at the ends of the bed, it's time to move on. Mum cried alot but I think I as able to explain my situation to her and she finally accepted that her baby boy was way too big for a crib. So now I have a really cool loft bed with a ladder and a bed on top and just for the record - yes, my desk is bigger than Mum's office desk. I now have my own space to do research and produce my video clips. I just know I'm going to be so much more productive moving forward. Who knows, my blogs might even be on time!

Talking of which, my next blog is due in about 4 days if I want to keep up, so watch this space.
Alot can happen in 4 days so just in case for all you soccer fans out there 'DEUTSCHLAND FUER WELTMEISTER!'

As always you have the choice between this month's slideshow or plain old pictures. This month's videos are in both versions so no excuse for not watching them.

See you all next month!
Hugs and Kisses