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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'll Huff and I'll Puff...

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks?

I got out of bed to write this because I've decided that I can't blog just once a month anymore, there are things that need to be said right now.

Mum has started a terrible ritual of reading bedtime stories to me. I pretend to be really tired, I yawn, I make my eyes roll to the back of my head - still, the stories keep coming.
You may be thinking "ahhhhh, his Mum reads bedtime stories, how sweet" - nooooooooooo, believe me. I just got off the pain meds they've been feeding me every 4 hours after my tonsillectomy, I was looking for an uninterrupted night of peace and quiet and what happens? Mum spends 10 minutes putting images in my head that take me 4 hours to get out of there again.
Tonight it was the "Three Little Pigs" - 2 lazy pigs build houses that will not withstand a breeze, let alone an angry, hungry, hot-air blowing wolf. They laugh themselves stupid when they see their brother putting a whole lotta work into building a house of bricks. The 2 lazy brothers have a lot to smile about too because the 3rd brother does all the work and still lets the other 2 move in with him when the wolf destroys their houses. So why am I freaked out? First off, I've heard my Dad say often that our walls are made of paper - so how much huffing and puffing can this house take? Secondly, my Mum said that the Wolf is not real, just like Mickey and Donald, it's only a story in a book and I shouldn't be scared. Well I have met both Mickey and Donald in person, they are real so the Wolf must be real too.
And one last thing - in the story, the Wolf tried to come down the chimney when he couldn't blow the brick house down and yes, he may have burnt his posterior, but it got him in the house. We have a chimney, it's too warm for a fire, the Wolf is in the house somewhere, right?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Years And 5 Months

Howdy y'all, Hallo, Moin Moin, y'allright me ducks!

I have a question for you - what in heaven's name is wrong with grown ups? Apparently, seeing us kids being healthy, happy and enjoying life in general is not something they like to see. There I was, feeling perfectly fine when they woke me up and took me to a hospital where a so called "Doctor" did something to me that made me feel like I had eaten crushed glass for breakfast and that worms had crawled up my nose and died. For years now they have been telling me that you feel bad BEFORE you go to the Doctor's office and that it is his job to make you feel better. And to add insult to injury, everyone is feeling sorry for my Mum telling her that it's worse for the parents than it is for the kids - again, SO NOT TRUE. They also told me that I would be able to sleep better now that there is nothing in my throat to get in the way and this may be totally true if they would just stop waking me up every 4 hours to give me something to help me sleep.
I'm seriously considering never believing anything they ever tell me again.

On top of everything, I have to eat baby food again such as mashed potatoes, spinach and scrambled eggs. For some reason, my parents are surprised that I know how bad this all tastes. The last time I had to eat this stuff, I wasn't old enough to actually tell them how disgusting it is - which is why babies vomit by the way. At least now I have the luxury of being a rebellious toddler and can pick up my plate and throw it against the wall. I have been raised with enough manners not to do this - but I most certainly could if I really wanted to.....

They obviously didn't get a big kick out of seeing me suffer though, you wouldn't believe how nice they've been to me since the surgery - popsicles, ice cream, apple slushes, as much TV as I want, a new speedy car, - even my relatives felt bad for me - Omi sent a new helicopter construction kit, Aunt Ang and Uncle Andy sent a really cool remote car and I've heard that other pressies are on the way.
Well, they can keep on sucking up to me because I'm not anywhere near close to forgiving them yet.

The rest of the month was OK I guess, if you think that being miserable is OK. I can't really remember much of what I did before they sent me to that hospital - The parents told me that we did the usual rounds of Chevy club meet ups and kid's birthday parties, that I had fun at school and laughed a lot with my friends at the park - but who believes them anyway!

Here are February's pictures and a video of me singing without a care in the world - before my hospital visit of course!

See you all next month,
Hugs and Kisses

P.S. A note to all you other kids out there. Beware of leaving the house in your pyjamas, I'm starting to notice a pattern - nothing good ever comes out of being able to go some place in your PJ's.